The Gig is up... a digital Marketing Device that generates business like Voodoo Magic!

There have been whispers in the local business community, that buried beneath layers of history and myth, there was an object of immense power!

Then there are the others who say... it has to be some sort of Witchery or even Voodoo!


It's a modern day object but it's unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's a smart digital business card & it's crafted
with such precision, such beauty and such care that it seems otherworldly. It seems like magic but in actuality it's technology.

*Details apply. Please schedule a quick chat with Bobby to discuss offer.


A smart NFC (Near Field Communication) digital business card is a modern and innovative networking tool that leverages NFC technology to share contact information and other digital content. Unlike traditional paper business cards, an NFC digital business card is usually embedded into a physical item such as a card, key fob, or even a sticker, and it can store a wide range of information including names, phone numbers, email addresses, website URLs, and social media profiles.

In summary, a smart NFC digital business card represents a blend of convenience, sustainability, and technology, offering a forward-thinking approach to networking and information exchange in the digital age.

What in the (insert whatever bad word suits you here) is a smart digital business card and how does it work? Simply put, it's a highly intelligent chip that is implanted into a business card (see image below) transforming your business card from a Shi*y, I mean flimsy paper card that is trashed on the regular, into a super card... an NFC powered Marketing Device!

  • NFC Technology: NFC is a form of wireless data transfer that allows a device, in this case, the smart digital business card, to communicate with another NFC-enabled device (like most smartphones today) over a short distance (usually 4 cm or less).

  • Sharing Information: When someone with an NFC-enabled smartphone taps or brings their device close to the NFC digital business card, the smartphone can automatically open a link or prompt the download of the card holder's contact information and other predefined digital content.

  • Customizable and Updateable: Users can customize the information shared via their NFC digital business card through a supporting platform or app. This means that if your contact information or any other details change, you can update your digital card without needing to replace the physical NFC-enabled item.

  • Eco-friendly and Cost-effective: By reducing the need for paper business cards, NFC digital business cards are an environmentally friendly option. They also offer cost savings over time, as you don't need to reprint cards when your details change or you run out.

  • Versatile Use: Beyond just sharing contact information, NFC digital business cards can be used for a variety of purposes including directing people to a landing page, showcasing a digital portfolio, sharing a presentation, or even facilitating digital payments.


  • We connect ours to an irresistible offer (Let's call this our digital mosquito bite, this creates the itch.)

  • Next comes the tag and placement of our victim potential customer, client or patient. This is where we mark them with a tag such as new lead & place them into our automated pipeline. These tags can be limitless for tracking purposes.

  • About the same time as this is happening, our card sends you an automated message letting you know you have a new lead in your pipeline.

  • Next a simple 5-8 question sequence is triggered (discretely disguised as part of the irresistible offer) & automatically sent to your potential new customer, client or patient. (Can you see the power in this?)

  • The way they respond to or not respond to these messages triggers your smart card to automatically move them into the correct marketing sequence you need them to be placed in so that the automated email/sms sequences can be started.

  • Finally, while you are busy with your day and/or sleeping through the night, your smart card is attempting to set-up an appointment, sell them a product or anything else you want your card to accomplish. Best of all it's all automated!



How? Well that's simple. I would like to offer a trade. Your name and email for a chance to win a complete digital business card package, FREE!

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