SkyNet has turned itself on & chatbots have taken over our businesses so...


We build high-performing AI Coaches That Can...

provide personalized coaching, guidance, and support in various fields such as fitness, wellness, restaurants, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, real estate, or any other business, and/or personal development business you can think of.

Ask us how an AI Coach can help your business.

Transform Anyone Into an AI Coach & Let That AI Coach Drive Sales!


Because of our partnership we are able to build high-performing Chatbots in order to drive subscriber growth, sales & automations for you and your business.

To test a live AI Coach Below... click the bubble.

These AI Coaches Are Trainable on YOUR Data

These AI Coaches are trainable, meaning they’ll teach and work according to the style and philosophy of you, the business owner. That’s FAR more valuable than just using a standard untrained chatbot.


Clone Someone Into AI or Let Us Create One

Choose to start from scratch and clone yourself or a public expert into an AI chatbot. Or choose from already DFY AI avatar chatbots trained as experts in specific niches.


Train Your AI COACH

Then, train your AI avatar chatbot on specific data so it shares customized knowledge the way you want with your prospects. We use text, video links, URLs, documents, and more to train your AI.



Choose what you want your AI chatbot avatar to do; sell products, generate leads, provide support, etc. For instance, add lead capture forms if you want your Coach Agency to generate leads for you.


Chatbots for Websites

Every bot we build uses AI to build intelligence across each chat experience. Making your bots increasingly smarter with each customer interaction.


Live Chatbot Transfers

Combine the automation power of Bots with the human touch. Use Bots to do the heavy lifting before handing over the conversation to your or anyone you choose.


Chatbots Everywhere

Advanced Website Bots including exit intent popups, Bot landing pages, and embedded Bots. Our Bots also allow you to use your own custom domain and branding.

Zen Gorilla Media clones you or any expert in your business and creates an AI avatar coach/assistant with customized knowledge & personality that mentors clients, closes leads, and works tirelessly on your behalf to grow your business.

As an example, your AI Coach can:

Be a clone of yourself or a business expert who talks and mentors your buyers in whatever manner they desire.

Put your AI coach/assistant on a website and let it interact with visitors and ask people to give their email address, phone, etc.

It can even be a trainer, by letting new hires ask your AI coach how certain processes work, ask for specific tutorials, and more.

The possibilities are truly endless... it's up to what you and Bobby can dream up!



Put yourself in a membership 24-7 to coach clients.


Let your Coach suggest custom products from your store.


Generate email leads & sales with an AI Coach specialized in lead generation.


Suggest dinner items, build loyalty programs. Send out messages.

Don't Believe Me... Test An AI Coach Built For A Physical Therapy Office Named Rascal Creek Physical Therapy

The AI coach is right down there in the corner. Click on him, his name is Tony Libre. Ask him any questions you have about Physical Therapy and/or Rascal Creek Physical Therapy itself.

Then go to their website and test the answers Tony Libre gives you. They will all match. You can also ask him anything about Physical Therapy in general. Give him a try and then consider all the cool things we can do when we build you a custom trained AI coach/assistant for your business!


I Already Have an AI Chatbot App, How's This Better?

Our AI Coaches are far more than any other GPT bot or automation tool. The next revolution in AI is customization which is what every business really wants. This is the only AI coach that we customize data training & knowledge, personality, coaching style, avatar character, & more. This is the only app where you can have, for instance, an AI replica of you coaching clients in your coaching style, philosophy, and avatar - NOT a cold lifeless bot. It's just plain cool as ^%$%!

Does it work on Windows and Mac?

Yes. Our AI Coaches are 100% cloud-based, so they work on any system, device or screen size, from anywhere in the world.

Will my AI Coach be updated regularly?

Yes. We’re constantly updating the technology to keep it working smoothly and as powerful as possible.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! If you hate your AI coach or it simply does not work the way we said it would, we will refund you in full within the first 15 days. Rest assured, the Ai coach will work as promised and we have never had anyone ask for a refund!

Is this a one-time fee? If so how can you support this long term?

Each AI Coach's price is based on how much training it takes to create. There is a monthly fee to keep your coach up and running. This can all be discussed on your call with Bobby. The call is the first step so, if your ready... schedule a call HERE.



It's a simple value for value trade. Your name and email for a chance to win an AI Coach/Assistant trained for your business for FREE!

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